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TPP Media launched 10.10.10 – are you a working media parent?

The Parent Practice Media Press Release

10.10.10. is the launch date of The Parent Practice Media


  The Parent Practice Media – a unique and ground-breaking training service to the Media and Communications industry is being launched this week by executive search & selection firm The Stevens Company and The Parent Practice. 

 In these financially lean times fewer people are being employed in the media and communications industry and the increased complexity of work means the pressure to perform in the workplace has never been greater. Parental guilt is rife within the media industry due to the long working hours and high-pressure environments. In two thirds of families both parents work and many people working in the media confess to spending a significant amount of time worrying about home life issues during working hours. Add to this the increased number of challenges of parenthood brought about by the modern day child’s relationship with the internet, social networking, celebrity culture, electronic games and competitive schooling it is apparent that the time is right to help working media parents be the best they can be at home for their children and at work for their employers. Hence the idea for The Parent Practice Media was born.

 The two companies will work together to provide positive parenting courses, workshops, consultations, advice and on-going support for working media parents and their employers. The courses are also available to other individuals involved in the care of children.

 Melissa Hood founded The Parent Practice (TPP) in 2004. The organisation has an outstanding record of teaching positive and practical skills and strategies to thousands of parents and carers facing the daily challenges of raising children. The work is carried out in TPP’s 4 London centres, in schools, children’s centres and companies across the UK.  The practice works directly with over 250 families annually and over 5000 people have walked through their doors since inception. 

  ”The Parent Practice Course literally changed my thinking about what children need from their parents and what parents and families can gain from some very straightforward and hugely influential skills.  It helped me to understand my child better and my reactions to him’  Francesca Grade, mother of one.

  Linda Stevens founded The Stevens Company in 1989 and has raised three children as well as creating one of the most successful media recruitment companies of the last two decades.

 ”Trying to juggle a full-time senior media role with children is tough and can sometimes become an impossibility, so to have advice, insight and support from professional practitioners can only be helpful and at times a lifeline.  By re-directing your energies into your daily job a commercial output will definitely be delivered”  Linda Smith, Executive Chairwoman, Radio Advertising Bureau and mother of  three

 ”Raising children is probably the most challenging job you will ever do, holding down a job in media is probably the second; we aim to help with both”   The Parent Practice MediaThe Parent Practice Media Press Release 7 10 2010 final version

 For more information please visit our website or call Linda Stevens on 020 7228 1211/07775 784340 or Elaine Halligan on 020 8673 3444/07752 347817

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