Real Parenting for Real Kids: Enabling parents to bring out the best in their children

Real Parenting for Real Kids draws together the latest thinking on child development, neuroscience and psychology to provide insights into what really makes children tick. It also delivers practical real-life strategies for bringing out the best in them and creating harmony at home, using tried and tested techniques based on the experiences of real families. Parents are incredibly resourceful and creative people and are determined to do the best for their children. Here we draw on the wonderful solutions that parents have found and honour the efforts of all parents.  


"I love your book. It's so friendly, I feel like you are talking to me through it. And I also appreciate the way you put into positive words the characteristics of every temperamental typology."  

7 chapters of essential skills for all parents are followed by 7 chapters where the skills are applied in different aspects of kids' lives; their world of relationships, their physical, intellectual and moral world, their digital world, their world of responsibility ...and the world beyond them.

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“With so much pressure and panic swirling around children nowadays, many parents feel overwhelmed and bewildered. 'Real Parenting for Real Kids' slices right through that confusion. With clarity, rigour and wisdom, Melissa Hood reminds us what really matters in childhood – and shows us how to give it to our own children. She serves up step-by-step advice for tackling every parenting challenge under the sun, from bullying and screen time to exam pressure and figuring out what ‘success' means. But she also goes beyond the tools and techniques to deliver a rare gift: a blueprint for building families that allow both parents and children to become their best selves. A wonderful book.”

Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure: Putting the Child back in Childhood


Melissa Hood's 'Real Parenting for Real Kids' helps parents reclaim the leadership role in their homes, without resorting to shouting, bribes, threats or punishment. An easy to read yet comprehensive guide for any parent who has struggled to get her child to cooperate, loaded with concrete tools to help parents bring out the best in their children. Hood teaches the essential skills to raise wonderful kids, using stories every parent can identify with to illustrate better solutions for everyday parenting challenges, from squabbling and lying to screen time and schoolwork.

Dr. Laura Markham, author of Calm Parent, Happy Kids


“Most people learn how to be the parents they want to be only after their children have fled the nest. Parents say they are too busy with work, with getting by, with coping, to reflect deeply on what they really want for their children, and the values they want to implant. They unconsciously mimic the ways they themselves were brought up, or react strongly against it. This thoughtful book will help parents savour and enjoy to the full the greatest job that life will confer on them – bringing up the next generation”.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Buckingham (former Headmaster of Wellington College) and author of Beyond Happiness


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