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I’ll be your guide through 7 essential skills that every parent needs to understand their children and bring out the best in them.Then we’ll explore 7 spheres in which those skills can be applied. I recommend you read the 7 skills chapters first and then go on to dip in and out of the chapters in the second part, which look at how these skills apply to everyday challenges in your child’s world. 

And in accordance with our practical philosophy I invite you to get into action with your own family and do the exercises throughout each chapter. You'll find them under each green chapter tab below labelled 'Your turn'.

There are extra video and other resources to illustrate some of the points made in the book or for further interest or just for fun! I may add to them from time to time so keep an eye on this page. Maybe save it as a favourite.


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Here is a brief description of each chapter. For more detailed resources look under the green tabs below by scrolling down.



PART 1 - 7 Essential Skills for Bringing out the Best in Your Children

Chapter 1 -  Knowing your child

Chapter 2 -  Encouraging Cooperation and Confidence with Descriptive Praise

Chapter 3 -  Listening and Connecting

Chapter 4 -  Setting up for Success

Chapter 5 -  Family Values

Chapter 6 -  Positive Discipline

Chapter 7 -  Keeping Calm  

PART 2 - Applying the skills to everyday parenting challenges

Chapter 8 -   Their World of Relationships

Chapter 9   Their Intellectual World

Chapter 10 - Their Physical World

Chapter 11 - Their Digital World

Chapter 12 - Their Moral World

Chapter 13 - Their World of Responsibility

Chapter 14 - The World beyond them

Setting up For Success.

Your Turn:

Area you would like to address

Setting up for Success Steps

Additional Resources:

Family Meeting Invitation

Video -Michael McIntyre leaving the house -no setting up for success here!


The Chapter in a Nutshell:


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