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The Parent Practice is regularly invited to give parenting tips and guidance to the press and television about many aspects of parenting in today's world. The Parent Practice specialises in those everyday parenting issues which every family faces and has come up with tried and tested strategies for dealing with them. The Parent Practice is a leading voice on parenting matters in the UK and beyond.

For all press enquiries, please contact Elaine Halligan on 0208 673 3444 or email The Parent Practice.

Here are a wide range of press articles and TV appearance to which we have contributed over the last few years.

Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan talk to Time & Leisure about The Parent Practice

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If you have children over the age of 3 or 4 you will already be aware of the addictive nature of screens. If you have older children you may struggling to find ways to tame the monster of digital addiction that is now in your house.


In this article Elaine provides readers with some insights into setting up workable rules at home so that digital technology can be embraced but not consume the lives of our children.


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Elaine Halligan contributes to this article by Jessica Ransom about how to make sure older siblings don't miss out when there is a new baby in the family

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Does your VISION of a harmonious family mealtime seem miles from reality? Don't DISPAIR - there is a way to help even the fussiest eaters. Elaine Halligan has some dinner time top tips for parents.

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By Lisa Botwright in discussion with Elaine Halligan.

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Are single sex or co-ed SCHOOLS best? Or is it more importnat to MATCH your child to a school that supports their needs. Elaine Halligan offers parents some advice

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Melissa Hood answers a reader's question: My husband and I have different parenting styles - he's strict and I'm not. How do we compromise?

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We all know that anger is DESTRUCTIVE and shouting at our children doesn't work, so how do we remain CALM when they press our BUTTONS - Elaine Halligan provides the answer.

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