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The Parent Practice won't dictate how you should bring up your children but will help you to understand your child’s temperament, define your own family values and give you tools to bring up your children according to your values. The skills and strategies taught on our courses can be applied to suit any family giving mums, dads and carers a united front from which to work, making life as a parent or carer both easier and more fulfilling. Our programme content is designed to be as flexible as possible to suit the needs of the parents on a particular course.

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Parenting skills courses have morning or evening classes during school term time (with a break for half term) and are held at several of The Parent Practice venues across London. You can join the 10 session or 6 session Positive Parenting Skills courses at any time - it doesn't have to be at the start of term. We also work at other locations outside London and you can even host a course at home. Clients who attend are mums or dads with children up to age 18, couples with children up to age 18, busy working parents, carers, nannies and foster parents, adults who have signification children in their lives such as grandchildren, godchildren, step children, nieces and nephews and parents of children with special needs.

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Parenting Skills Course

Here are details of the 10 Modules which make up the 10 session Positive Parenting Skills Course. 

Module 1 - Descriptive Praise: How to develop your child's motivation, co-operation and confidence using Descriptive Praise.

Module 2 - Emotion Coaching: Improve your emotional bond with your children, encourage communication and good behaviour by understanding and helping children manage their emotions more effectively.

Module 3 - Setting up for Success: How to make home life more harmonious and reduce stressful moments.

Module 4 - Values, Rules and Rewards: How to formulate, communicate and follow through on rules consistently in ways that pass on the values you want for your children and encourage cooperation while preserving a child’s individuality.

Module 5 - Positive Discipline: How to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours in ways that teach children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging self-esteem.

Module 6 - Fostering independence and encouraging good habits: Apply the skills to train your children in those attributes that you think would benefit them as adults. Training children to be more self-reliant boosts their confidence hugely as well as giving them skills for life.

Module 7 - Being in Charge: Explore how to authoritative without being over controlling and how to discipline effectively in positive ways which encourage children to learn, not to fear.

Module 8 - Fostering good relationships between siblings and other children: Look at ways to foster positive relationships between children, siblings and friends, and ways of resolving conflict constructively.

Module 9 - Keeping Calm: How to structure your life so that you can access your positive parenting skills when faced with provocative behaviour. Assess whether your expectations of your children are realistic by reference to stages of development and temperament.

Module 10 - What to do when your children push your buttons: When our buttons have been pushed our skills go out the window and we respond to our children's behaviour in ineffective ways. Learn how to recognise and defuse your buttons so you can react appropriately in the face of 'button-pushing' behaviour.

During the course you will be given tasks so you can take the skills home and practice between sessions, knowing that each week you can come back to get further coaching on how you can use these skills to have a positive impact on your family's life.

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One day course

1 day Parenting Skills Course

The 1 day Parenting in a Nutshell Course comprises two sessions, morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch. The course covers two crucial aspects of parenting and all attendees will also get a copy of 'REAL PARENTING FOR REAL KIDS' by Melissa Hood who is a director and the founder of The Parent Practice.

Communicating with Children: Encouraging Cooperation and Confidence (morning session)

Advanced communication skills are necessary for parents to forge strong bonds and build trust with children, to encourage cooperation and to build confidence. We show parents easy techniques for talking to children to encourage them to listen, cooperate and be motivated. We distinguish ways of acknowledging children’s good behaviour so that what we say is meaningful, credible and actually taken on board by children, so that it is really effective in building strong self-esteem and encouraging good behaviours. We also look at listening skills which encourage children to talk to us and emotion coaching skills which help children learn to identify, understand and manage their emotions. Emotionally literate children form better relationships and achieve better academic outcomes at school and it's much easier to live with someone who knows how to deal well with their feelings.

Positive Discipline (afternoon session)

Building on the morning session we will explore how to set up and uphold effective rules and routines encapsulating our own values and how to respond effectively to unwanted behaviours. This session provides parents with an opportunity to think about their parenting in a mindful and purposeful way and reflect on those values that are important to them and why. It then looks at how to communicate and pass on these values to children. It explores how to set boundaries and to uphold them in a positive way without being over constraining or inhibiting individuality.

Many parents find disciplining their children one of the hardest things to do. They often feel they swing from being too lenient to overly harsh. We teach parents ways of achieving a balance so that they can be both positive and firm at the same time. We address the reasons for inappropriate behaviour and how to respond effectively when children don't behave well. This session looks at how to teach children how to behave appropriately without fear, humiliation or squashing their spirit.

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Run a Course at Home

Would you like to gather together a group of friends or colleagues and have a Parent Practice facilitator lead a course in the comfort of your home? 

We can offer either the 6 week Positive Parenting Core Skills Course or the 10 session programme either during the day (typically ~9:30 or 10am start) or in the evening (typically 7 or 7:30pm start).

The cost of running a course in your home is £325 (inc VAT) per person  for the 6 week course and £500 (inc VAT) per person for the 10 week course for a group of a minimum10 attendees and this includes all the course materials. If you get more than 10 attendees there is no increase in the cost. For smaller groups  the cost will be proportionately higher per person. We recommend a minimum group size of 6 people and a maximum of 12 people.

Courses at home are only available in London and are subject to precise location and facilitator availability. For locations in the congestion charge zone or more than 30 mins travel from South London additional travelling costs may apply. 

If you are interesed in either arranging a course or have any questions please complete this enquiry form or call/email the office. We will then get in touch to discuss possible dates and how we can help you market the talk to your friends (if required).

We also are always happy to act as the booking office - so all we need from you is to agree where, when and who will be coming and we can take care of the rest!

 Assisting on Courses

If you have completed a 5 or 10 week course with us and would like to volunteer to help the facilitators during courses we would love to have you join our assisting team. Please let us have your details and availability using the form below and we will be in touch.  

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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the parenting skills you taught me at the end of last year. The classes were excellent and I learnt so much. I no longer shout/threaten/moan as much as I did and family life is so much happier and calmer than it was. Friends have even commented on how calm I am with my children and I attribute this all to my classes with you and The Parent Practice. So thank you!

Cathy, mother of theee


"My husband and I highly recommend the 10 week parenting course. The information and skills learnt were both practical and useful and the changes we made to our own behaviour remain with us to this day. Money and time well spent - 20 hours is a small price to pay for a lifetime of positive parenting, bringing out the best in your children."

Christine and Steve, parents of two children


"I learned how to an effective parent! It truly transformed our family life in a way I could have never imagined. My 9 year old has just read this over my shoulder and said, "You don't shout at us anymore like you used to, but I suppose we're not being naughty like we used to be either! Exactly. Thank you The Parent Practice!"

Kelly, Mother of two


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