Module 1 - Descriptive Praise: How to develop your child's motivation, co-operation and confidence using Descriptive Praise. Result: your childen will feel better about themselves, be happier and more confident.

Module 2 - Emotion Coaching: Improve your emotional bond with your children, encourage communication and good behaviour by understanding and helping children manage their emotions more effectively. Result: your children will develop better self-awareness, empathy and resilience. Both your's and their communication will improve which is a key for all relationships.

Module 3 - Setting up for Success: How to make home life more harmonious and reduce stressful moments. Result: your children will feel more successful and ready to take on new challenges. Family life will be calmer.

Module 4 - Values, Rules and Rewards: How to formulate, communicate and follow through on rules consistently in ways that pass on the values you want for your children and encourage cooperation while preserving a child’s individuality. Result: A united front with everyone knowing what's expected = less arguing! Consistent structres at home result in less stress and better academic outcomes.

Module 5 - Positive Discipline: How to respond constructively to unwanted behaviours in ways that teach children to take responsibility and learn from their mistakes without damaging self-esteem. Result: you will learn how to deal with misbehaviour without getting angry - better for you and for your child.

Module 6 - Knowing Your Child: Understand your child's stage of development and temperament so that you can parent most effectively for this child in this moment. Result: you will be able to be more compassionate, more understanding and maximise your child's potential.

Module 7 - Relationships between siblings and friends: How to nurture good relationships and know when and how to get involved to help them resolve conflicts. Result: Less sibling squabbling and more harmony at home.

Module 8 - Training children to take responsibility: Encourage self-reliance and thereby build confidence. How to train your children in those attributes that you think would benefit them as adults.  Result: your children will be more independent and able to cope better wit life's obstacles.

Module 9 - Being in Charge: Explore how to be authoritative without being over controlling or coercive or damaging your child's self-esteem or their ability to think for themselves. Result: you will develop a relationship wiht your children based on mutual respect - they will still talk to you in theur teen years and beyind!

Module 10 - Staying Calm: Understanding what pushes your buttons and how to defuse those buttons so that you can access your positive parenting skills when faced with provocative behaviour. Result: you will discover how to find the holy grail of parenting - keeping calm!


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