Positive Parenting Home Study Manual

This is a fully comprehensive home study manual covering all the material on our flagship 10 week course across a wide range of topics from managing misbehaviour to keeping calm; from what to do when the kids press your buttons to how to promote sibling rivalry. 

This fully comprehensive Home Study Manual is used as part of our flagship 10 week course programme and covers all the ten modules included in that course.

Each section of the manual includes comprehensive notes on the topic and a worksheet ('Mission') for parents to complete. Many sections also include stories from clients showing how they used the skills to good effect in their families.  

Modules included:

1. Descriptive Praise - encouraging confidence, co-operation and motivation
2. Emotion Coaching - helping children manage their emotions
3. Setting up for Success - preparing children to do their best
4. Family Values - establishing rules and rewards
5. Positive Discipline -understanding and responding effectively when children get it wrong
6. Encouraging Independence and other good habits
7. Being in Charge-  positively and constructively
8. Fostering Harmony and resolving conflict between children
9. Keeping Calm
10. What to do when Your Children Push Your Buttons

This is an ideal resource for anyone unable to attend our classes in London and who is keen to learn a toolkit of practical parenting skills that they will use throughout their child raising years.

Also useful for nannies, au pairs and busy working parents

The price does NOT include P&P which will be added to your order.


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