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The Parent Practice is regularly invited to give parenting tips and guidance to the press and television about many aspects of parenting in today's world. The Parent Practice specialises in those everyday parenting issues which every family faces and has come up with tried and tested strategies for dealing with them. The Parent Practice is a leading voice on parenting matters in the UK and beyond.

For all press enquiries, please contact Elaine Halligan on 0208 673 3444 or email The Parent Practice.

Here are a wide range of press articles and TV appearance to which we have contributed over the last few years.

Melissa Hood responds to a readers question: 'I am concerned my child may be on the autistic spectrum. What are the signs?'

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Melissa Hood responsed to a readers question; 'I am dreading the in-laws coming to stay over Christmas, as we always argue over our parenting views and I struggle to stay calm. How do I deal with the stress?'

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Melissa Hood answers a readers question: 'My husband often doesn't uphold our family rules, yet he can be punitive with the kids. We have no united front and I worry that our children will exploit that.'

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Elaine Halligan talks to Julia George at Radio Kent about whether, and when, children should have mobile phones.

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Elaine Halligan offers some words of advice in this article about managing the emotions and behaviour of elder children in a family following the birth of a new sibling.

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Melissa Hood answers a readers question 'My five year old gets total exhausted when he gets home from school and starts kicking and shouting at me. How do I deal with his meltdowns?

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Melissa Hood talks to Richard Wilford on the Danny Kelly show about how finding tha balance between being a supportive parent or being overly pushy.

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Complete this sentence: “When I grow up, I want to be…” Most of us will have filled in the blank a long time ago (though for a few of us, it’s an ongoing dilemma). Nowadays, it’s far more likely to be your own child proclaiming his or her future ambitions. The questions is, what will they say? Ballerina? Astronaut? Or is the answer a little closer to home?

Melissa Hood, director of The Parent Practice, contributes to this article in Smallish Magazine which reflects on a recent survey commisioned by John Lewis Home Insurance that revealed that a majority of children would like to be a teacher, or another caring professional, when they become adults....

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Elaine Halligan talks to Anna Maxted about 'bully-proofing' your child in this article written in response the the Good Childhood report findings.

Children in England are among the unhappiest in the world, according to a disturbing new report. Why?

The Good Childhood Report published yesterday made singularly depressing summer reading. Children aged 10 to 12 in England, it found, are among the unhappiest in the world and feel worse about going to school every day than those in countries such as Colombia, Algeria, Nepal, Romania or Ethiopia. Bullying and the pressure to look good were the main drivers of this misery. Are things really that bad and if so, what on earth are we doing wrong?

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Elaine Halligan shares her 5 point plan for discipline without the step...

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