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Welcome to The Positive Parenting Academy – an online parenting course for busy mums and dads.

Do you ever feel as if this is your day-to-day reality:
  • Your kids don't do what you ask and you end up shouting or losing your temper. It feels like this is the only way to get your children to respond
  • Your child is anxious, lacking in confidence or unwilling to try new things and you don't know how to help them with their worries
  • You feel overwhelmed and exhausted and don’t know what to do to change things
  • You feel the methods you’re using – shouting or cajoling – aren’t effective... Nothing changes, it just escalates the situation and both of you get upset
  • You worry you’re failing as a parent
You’ve tried to tackle all of this and make things better. But parenting is relentless. Parenting is tough. Especially when you don’t have the support and guidance you need.

Would you like a calmer and happier home life as your children..

  • Become more cooperative, motivated and have increased confidence, less stress and more creativity
  • Develop more emotional intelligence (self-awareness, empathy and resilience) and you and your child have closer connection and communication
  • Absorb good values and behave appropriately while still being true to themselves
  • Become more independent and self-reliant, gaining valuable life skills and freeing up quality time for you and them
  • Cultivate better sibling relations, squabbling less and being able to resolve conflicts
  • Wouldn’t it be good to finally get that parenting manual you wished you’d had from the beginning?

This is where we can help you, with a 10 Module e-Learning course for parents who want to create a harmonious family life with happy confident children.

This course is designed so you can stop trying to figure it all out yourself and finally have that parenting 'handbook' you so desperately need…
… so you can be the parent you always imagined you’d be.  Click here to see what you will learn in the 10 modules

What you get when you join the Academy:

  • Access to our complete Parenting Course.
    Each module contains a series of short videos plus written notes which form your own parenting manual and includes action sheets, illustrative clips and reminder postcards.

  • All our Parenting Guides (Publications library) List of Titles 
  • Access to our 11 top tip videos with Melissa or Elaine talking through a particular parenting skill or strategy. View one here
  • Both our MP3 downloads ‘Harmony at Home’ and ‘Positive Discipline’. Each download is with radio presenter Sandy Warr and uses actors to illustrate the skills in action as well as answering a number of frequently asked questions. Hear a trailer

Access to our Positive Parenting Academy Private Facebook Group where you can chat in complete confidence about your parenting issues with the other members and our facilitators.

All this for a one-off payment of £349 (inc VAT). No ongoing costs. You have access to the programme for life.

Are You Ready To Make A Change?

You’ll be joining more than 6,000 parents who’ve attended our in-person courses, and the 500 parents who’ve bought this online course and started to create a calmer, happier home life with the simple techniques they’re learning.

It’s never too late to be the parent you always wanted to be.

Please have a look at our three minute taster here:

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(If within 28 days of purchase, you have accessed all the modules , demonstrated that you have completed all the assignments, and you do not believe we have given you the skills and resources to enable you to bring out the best in your children, contact the office for a refund).


The first module on Descriptive Praise is very informative and helpful indeed. ….it is also amazing how quickly children respond and change. A little success story from using the ideas of Descriptive Praise this past week (with the help of your list of Examples): Stanley (nearly 5) is usually not very keen on getting dressed by himself and needs a few reminders that it is time to stop playing and to get dressed. This week after he finally dressed himself, I said : “Stanley, thank you for getting dressed so promptly today while I was helping your younger brother. I know the buttons can be quite tricky but you did them all by yourself and that was a great example for Robert.” He looked at me and said: “Now watch how quickly I can do my shoes”. The next day the whole process took less time and no extra reminders were needed.

Anoush Davies, mum of two from Jersey


"My life was a hot mess...... My life was a hot mess back in the crazy shout-a-holic days, before I came across The Parent Practice. I give my deepest gratitude to Elaine Halligan, my parenting coach at The Parent Practice, for running the 10 module parenting skills course that transformed my out-of-control family life into one of peace and harmony."

Kelly Pietrangeli, Mother of Two Teens and Author Of Project Me for Busy Mothers,


I have read some parenting books but they are no comparison to this course with its interactivity of the very helpful videos, worksheets, missions, course notes and reminder postcards that I stuck on my fridge. This interactivity,  together with the practical content on so many problem areas, meant that I have been able to obtain real results in a very short time. With the ongoing support, it is so reassuring to know that I have top parenting experts on hand to help me with any problems I may have. My family is the most important thing to me and I am so pleased that this course has been made available to me so that I can follow all of this brilliant advice and have a happy, loving, successful and fulfilled family.

Suzanne Dibble, Small Business Law Expert


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