30 Days to Learn Cards

By Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan.

A great new way to learn and remember all the skills and strategies taught by The Parent Practice in a simple 'one skill a day' format. Each pack contains 17 key concept cards and 30 daily lesson cards to make family life easier.

Are you trying to be the best parent you can be - but all too often finding yourself 'slipping back' into the old habits you swore you would stop doing? 

Have you done a course with us and learnt so many useful skills and strategies - but find it hard to remember them all and to keep it going?

These cards could be your salvation!

Written by Melissa and Elaine they have developed this pack of '30 days to learn' cards in conjunction with Fink. Each day you review just one card which covers a single skill or strategy with all the key points captured.

This is a brilliant and simple way for you to get into really positive habits so you can be the best parents you can be for your family.

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