October 25th, 2019

Episode 4 -Oppidan Education

Oppidan Education

Building 'soft skills' for academic and personal success

Do you worry about your children’s education? You probably want them to thrive and do well and we’re sure you’ll want to ensure a future for them where they will get well paid and satisfying jobs. But you may also be worried about the pressure and anxiety which seem to be so much a part of education nowadays.

Do you have a child who is sitting exams or going for school interviews at the moment or will be in the near future? You may wonder how best to support them through that period and help them to do their best.

Henry Faber and Walter Kerr, are the founders of Oppidan education, a one to one mentoring business for children set up to tackle just these concerns. But they are not just interested in exam preparation -their core objectives are the development of self-worth, confidence and motivation in kids. Their programmes help children change the capabilities, attitudes and beliefs that they have about themselves and about their education.

Henry and Walter believe that talent is not inherent, but something that is born out of direction and guidance and support, very much echoing Parent Practice philosophy.

Listen to this episode with Henry and Walter if you want to learn:

  • What are the seven barriers to high performance and how to get around these
  • How having a wise, impartial mentor can benefit your child
  • The best way to keep exam anxieties at bay and defuse pressure about interviews and exams
  • How to engage your child in learning, to inspire them and tap into their passions (For more on this topic see our workshop Maximising your Child’s Potential at School)
  • How to develop your child’s awareness of their strengths and interests and ability to communicate that while keeping them innocent and uncontrived
  • How to prepare children for school interviews, but not too much
  • About practical differences between self-worth, which is essential, and confidence, which is not (to really build self-worth TPP teaches parents how to use descriptive praise on our positive parenting programmes.)

You’ll want to hear Henry’s low mentoring moment –it may surprise you! And Walter’s LMM is a lovely example of vulnerability and perfect imperfection leading to collaboration and growth in the child.

You may not be surprised by Henry’s tip for parents to raise happy, confident and successful children but Walter’s tip, while less expected, is really lovely.

If you want to be in touch with Henry and Walter at Oppidan Education:


Oppidan on Instagram  :  https://www.instagram.com/oppidaneducation/

Oppidan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OppidanEd

Oppidan on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/oppidaneducation/  



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