October 18th, 2019

Episode 3 - Susan Stiffelman

Parenting without power struggles

Do you sometimes find yourself arguing and negotiating, explaining or rationalising with your child? Does it sometimes seem as if your child is running the show? Or have you found yourself unintentionally saying harsh things to your children or punishing, bribing or threatening them? Would you like to be lovingly, competently in charge at home?

Listen to this episode with Susan Stiffelman if you want to learn:

  • How to make shifts away from being the controller to the guide in your family – the captain of the ship, rather than the lawyer or dictator. (See Susan demonstrate the different roles she describes here in this clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0_o5xvuRDE)
  • How to have authentic power as a parent
  • What are the four words not to use when you ask your child to do something
  • How not to take things personally when your child behaves in ways you don’t like. Susan talks about our interpretation of our child’s behaviour causing us to get upset and get into power struggles. At The Parent Practice we know that it is our thoughts and assumptions about our child’s behaviour that causes us to see red. In our workshop How to be a calmer parent we look at how to reframe our assumptions about our children’s behaviour to help us stay calm and be effective.
  • Why anxiety is on the increase in children today and several top tips to help children cope with anxiety. Susan talks about how to find the balance between allowing a child to express their worries and not fanning the flames of their anxiety.

In our celebration of vulnerability and perfect imperfection Susan shares with us ideas about learning, healing and self-acceptance arising out of Low Parenting Moments.

And you’ll enjoy her final tip for raising children to be confident, happy and successful: reflect on what you love about your child, what excites you and delights you about your child. Let them know. This is what Descriptive Praise is all about. Learn more in our positive parenting courses.

To get in touch with Susan Stiffelman:

and for a free report on avoiding power struggles, https://susanstiffelman.com/ 


 @SusanStiffelman on Instagram

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