November 07th, 2019

Episode 6 - Kelly Pietrangeli

How to make sure you are a project in your own life

This week’s episode is with Kelly Pietrangeli, the founder of Project Me For Busy Mums. Kelly helps you when your life feels out of balance and has tools and strategies to help you find your focus so that you can shine as your best self.

Are you, like Kelly, a self-confessed recovering shoutaholic? Would you like to know how Kelly transformed the ‘hot mess’ of her family life and in the process found a new career path? Kelly is a veteran of The Parent Practice methodologies and she found so much success within her own family using the skills and techniques she learned in a positive parenting skills course with us that she decided to apply them to other areas of her life. Do you want to rediscover passions of your own?

Listen to this episode with Kelly Pietrangeli if you want to learn:

About how you can use the life wheel to check if you’re happy with the balance in your life in key areas (see for a free visual)

  • How to get balance in the areas of family, love, health, work, fun and friendships, money, personal growth, productivity and time management
  • How to use tools like Trello (a list-making app) effectively
  • Why it matters to look after your couple relationship and not become a Child Rearing Unit. How you can enhance your love life and encourage intimacy.
  • How to get more fun in your life. As Kelly’s Grandma Milly says your children are under your roof for a very short time compared to the time after they’ve flown the nest so you need to cultivate interests of your own. Kelly has lots of ideas for preparing early for the post-children chapter in your life.
  • How to make a ‘power posse’ work for you as a personal mastermind to look at each member’s life and get support, motivation and accountability. Project We is Kelly’s online membership group where members get this motivation and accountability.
  • How to design your day every morning, identifying your MITs or Most Important Tasks as well as thinking about what you’re grateful for. Kelly reminds us that you can do anything but not everything.
  • How to manage your outer world to make headspace available to look at your inner world to get flow and ease in your life.

In our celebration of vulnerability and perfect imperfection Kelly shares with us a Low Parenting Moment of her own from years ago that makes her hold her head in her hands!

And Kelly also shares her top tip for raising children to be confident, happy and successful. 


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