March 20th, 2020

Episode 18 - Keep Calm and Carry On through Corona

Everyone in the world right now knows all too well that we are in the grips of an unprecedented pandemic. Covid19 has spread rapidly across the globe and hundreds of thousands have been infected, with several thousand dying. There is massive uncertainty about what this means for us, our families, our work and our communities. Change is taking place almost on an hourly basis and many of us are checking news reports on the hour. The situation may be leaving you feeling really quite anxious and overwhelmed or you might be relatively calm. I hope it’s the latter. You might be wondering how to deal with your child’s anxieties or how to field their questions without upsetting them. You might also be thinking about the prospect of being cooped up under one roof for a period (we don’t know how long) if you’re forced to self-isolate for medical reasons or if schools, nurseries and daycare centres close. 

This week’s episode is with Elaine and I, your hosts of this podcast. If you’re a regular to our podcast you’ll be used to hearing us interviewing our guests separately but today we’ve come together (online) to discuss the only topic of conversation at the moment –Coronavirus or Covid19.

Listen to this episode with Elaine and I if you want to learn:

  • How anxiety affects us all differently and why some of us are more predisposed to worry than others
  • How adult anxiety can be passed on to children
  • About the second chicken theory
  • What we can do to control our own levels of anxiety
  • How to talk to kids about what’s going on without exacerbating anxiety
  • How to help children feel they have some control against the virus. Demonstrate how washing your hands protects against the virus. See the pepper and soap video here
  • How books can aid us in our explanations.
  • Why it is so important not to tell children not to worry or to dismiss their concerns
  • How to encourage children to be understanding and to challenge any racism associated with the virus
  • How to regard it as an opportunity to spend positive time with your children if you are forced into self-isolation or your children’s school closes
  • How to set up for success and avoid screen over-dosing while confined at home even if the usual rules no longer apply (Our module Setting up for Success in our courses deals with this)
  • How schedules and planning can help
  • About activities that will save your sanity and bring you all together. Top tip: you don’t have to think of everything yourself –get your children to compile a list!
  • How you can encourage your children to help in your community
  • How using Descriptive Praise and Emotion Coaching can help get through periods of frustration 

Do keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram and the blog on our website to see how we can help you manage this difficult time. 

Stay well and keep washing your hands! 


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